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Yehs Dried Fruits

Dried Green Mango

Dried Green Mango

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For generations, the town of FangShang in Taiwan has honed the art of cultivating mangoes. At Yeh Family Farm, we meticulously care for each mango tree, ensuring that the essence of our dedication can be relished in every bite. To guarantee the peak sweetness of each fully grown mango, we carefully control the production of each tree and prune unripe green mangoes.

No unripe green mango goes to waste; instead, they are transformed into Yeh's Dried Fruits Dried Green Mango. Our YEHS Dried Green Mangoes undergo a process of preparation and marination in sugar and salt before being dried.

The distinctive flavor of Yeh's Dried Fruits Dried Green Mango will leave your taste buds craving for more.

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