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Yehs Dried Fruits

Dried Irwin Mango

Dried Irwin Mango

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For generations, the town of FangShang in Taiwan has nurtured the art of growing Irwin mangoes. Renowned for their fiber-less, sweet flavor, and delightful aroma, these mangoes are a true testament to tradition. At Yeh Family Farm, we painstakingly tend to each mango tree, guaranteeing that the essence of our labor can be savored in every bite.

From the nurturing process of fertilizing, flowering, lawing, and pruning to the meticulous care of bagging, each step is dedicated to yielding a succulent, ripe mango. Our YEHS Dried Mangoes are a direct result of this dedication. We follow a simple, pure process: washing, peeling, cutting, and drying.

No more, no less. We make no compromises – no added sugar, preservatives, or additives. What you get is 100% natural mango, a testament to the trust we place in nature's bounty and the authentic taste that we guarantee.

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